Door Supervisors

NGS Security Services UK

Door Supervisors and Door Security Services in Canterbury Kent.

Our Door Supervisors stand with the most professional in the industry. Every team member is recruited for their professionalism and excellent communication skills – essential tools when controlling and calming situations.

We excel in providing a safe and comfortable environment for your customers, whilst ensuring they are fully protected against any risks once inside the premises.

A professional door team is essential for any licensed trade venue looking to manage risks associated with the trade; while ensuring a friendly and welcoming venue. We work with all of our clients to implement and enforce policies and rules for admissions, whilst ensuring legalities and formalities are adhered to.

Our teams also have the ability to operate surveillance, intelligence gathering and CCTV monitoring – dependent upon your requirements. We also have the ability to work both visibly or undercover, providing a wide range of protective services to both your customers and your premises.

All of our team members are fully vetted and checked to ensure we maintain the highest standards in the provision of door security. Qualifications are renewed regularly and compulsory SIA Licensing is upheld. We also hold an ISO 9001:2015 QMS Accreditation in Specialist Security Services, demonstrating our commitment to providing a consistent and reliable service to both our clients, and your customers too.

Looking to arrange door security for your venue or event? We would be happy to help – get in touch with our team today for a chat.